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  • He meets the criteria for Sociopathy
  • He spent a week in jail rather than pay child support for his adopted son and daughter.
  • He has never supported (financially or emotionally) or nurtured any of his children.
  • None of his children were raised by him or have lived with him for any length of time while they were growing up.
  • While he fathered and or adopted his children, that’s where he believes the responsibility ended because he no longer wanted ties with his baby mama’s.
  • He’s been married six times, almost seven. Several times to women named Betty.
  • He’s never helped financially (or offered to) help any one of his kids for college. Even though his parents paid his way through college and medical school. Yet
  • He cannot spell or write properly and probably shouldn’t have made it through medical school.
  • Believes he has “put in his time” trying to be the best parent he can be (really confused as to when this was).
  • Believes that he can be disrespectful, unkind and completely ignore boundaries in all his relationships (especially family) all while believing the fault in the relationship not working lies with the other person.
  • He claims all of his relationships failed because of the other person (you do the math on that one).
  • He is incapable of taking responsibility for the damage he’s caused.
  • He doesn’t know how to say “I’m sorry”.
  • He is never wrong.
  • He has a HUGE ego.
  • He never shed a tear or was upset when his baby sister went missing.She’s been missing for 19 years and he’s not ever bothered to follow up with the police.
  • He has three children who take turns playing the role of scapegoat or golden child to him. Whoever will play his game by his rules can be the golden child, until the wind blows in another direction..
  • He likes to pretend his own children don’t exist or are evil people.
  • He can only have one as the golden child at a time.  The rest are disowned through no fault of their own, as his mood swings and the self created drama allows.
  • Once said ” children should be put in harms way” when talking about his grandchildren.
  • Turned a blind eye to his sons abuse.
  • He trumped up charges, had his ex wife arrested and beat up in front of her children.
  • He is a pathological liar and twists the truth to fit whatever scenario makes him out to be the good guy.
  • Fancies himself to be a “scientist” when, in reality, he’s incapable of intelligent debate or communication.

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